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Spokane Audubon Society Field Trips

We are in the process of creating our field trips for 2018. As we get leaders and trips arranged we will add them to the list below. We plan to introduce new and varied trips each year. The following are our “official” field trips for 2018. Trips may be added with short notice so check the website often.  Trips may be canceled at any time due to bad weather, too few participants, or the lack of a leader.  Contact the leader for more information and to reserve a spot.   

Our Leaders and Field Trip Cost: Field trips are free and are open to anyone. You don’t have to be an Audubon member to participate in our field trips. Our leaders are club volunteers and are not compensated. If you carpool with somebody, it is common courtesy to compensate the driver for your share of gas and vehicle use. You are also responsible for any park entry fees, camping fees, or motel bills. 

What to Bring: Participants need to provide their own binoculars, food and drink, adequate clothing, and transportation unless you find somebody with whom to carpool. Drivers bring your Discover Pass and any other pass you may have.

Skill Level:
We provide a variety of trips that accommodate many birding skill levels. Birders of all levels are welcome on all trips. However, please bear in mind that some beginners may get frustrated or bored on trips designed for advanced birders, where much of the birding is done by ear and the pace is very fast.  Some advanced birders might find the trips geared toward beginning birders too basic and slow-paced. The skill level for each trip will be posted.

Trip Length and Starting Time: To meet varied goals, some trips are five or six hours while some are 12 hours or longer. Published starting times are when we leave so arrive earlier than the posted hour.

Families, Children and Dogs: Dogs are disruptive to the birding experience; therefore we do not allow any dogs on our trips. While we very much want families to participate, very young children are not appropriate for our field trips. When in doubt about the appropriateness of bringing your child, ask the leader before the trip so you can make plans for child care.

First Come, First Served: We have received feedback from past field trip participants as well as our leaders and concluded that to enhance the birding experience we need to limit the number of participants on our trips. The number allowed for each trip will be posted. Call or email early to reserve your place on a trip. But also call ASAP if you are not able to make the trip so the leader can contact folks on the wait list to fill your place.

Be sure to check back here or call the trip leader for last minute changes. Check the Pygmy Owl for field trips too.

2018 Field Trips at a Glance

January 20, 2018, Saturday   Lewiston - Clarkston Valley 
Leader: Keith Carlson and Rick Welle

December 29, 2018, Saturday   Spokane Christmas Bird Count
Leader:  Alan McCoy

2018 Field Trip Descriptions

January 20, 2018, Saturday         Lewiston - Clarkston Valley 
Leaders: Keith Carlson and Rick Welle

This all-day trip is geared toward all levels of birders.  The Lewiston/Clarkston (LC) Valley often has slightly more moderate temperatures in winter, which can make for some great winter birding. We will meet in the parking lot of Dyna Mart in Lewiston at 8:00AM.  At the traffic light just past the bottom of the Lewiston Grade, make a right turn and go a short block.The Dyna Mart is on the left side. Come prepared for winter weather; bring snacks, water, and lunch.  Contact Alan McCoy at ahm2352@gmail.com or by phone at 509-999-9512 by January 19 to register for the trip. Keith’s cell number is 208-413-2071

Note:  This trip will be dependent on weather and road conditions.

Target Species: A variety of waterfowl (hopeful target: Long-tailed Duck), winter gulls including possible Lesser Black-backed and Thayer’s (now Iceland Gull), Black-crowned Night-Herons, chase-able Snowy Owl and/or Gyrfalcon (if reported), wintering warblers, sparrows, and finches.

December 29, 2018, Saturday Spokane Christmas Bird Count
Leader:  Alan McCoy

All SAS members as well as new birders are always welcome to join the Christmas count, which encompasses the Spokane Count Circle Center: 47° 43' N by 117° 25' W (approximately Division St. and Francis Avenue). Please contact Alan McCoy (509-448-3123 or ahm2352@gmail.com) for information about the Spokane CBC.

(7) April 23 to 28, 2015, Thursday to Tuesday,  Point Reyes, California Trip

            Leader: Kim Thorburn

(8) April 26, 2015, Sunday,  West Plains Early Migrant Trip

            Leader: Alan McCoy

(9) May 4, 6, 8, 2015, Mon., Wed., Fri.,   Bird Identification Workshops

            Leaders: Gary Blevins and Kim Thorburn

(10) May 9, 2015, Saturday,  Bird ID Workshop Trip to Turnbull NWR

            Leaders: Gary Blevins and Kim Thorburn

(22) September 5, 2015 Saturday,  Sprague Lake Migrant Trip

            Leader: Norma Trefry

(23) October 24, 2015 Saturday,  Grant County Late Fall Migrants Trip

            Leader: Gary Blevins

(24) November 21, 2015, Saturday,  Douglas Plateau Northern Visitors Trip

            Leader: Kim Thorburn

(25) December 12, 2015 Saturday,  Winter Lake and Wetbelt Trip

Leader: Joyce Alonso

(26) December 27, 2015, Saturday,  Christmas Bird Count

            Leader:  Alan McCoy

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