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March 2019: Program: Purple Martin Recovery in SW Washington by Cindy McCormack; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker, by Joanne Powell; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Northern Flicker by Lindell Haggin; Why Native Plants are Better for Birds and People, by Marina Richie; Deference, by Mary Jokela; House Bill 1211 and Senate Bill 5116, Audubon Washington; Chickadee Antics, by Kristin Warren.

February 2019: Program: Sagebrush Songbird Survey by Christi Norman and Lindell Haggin; Survey Opportunities; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Bewick's Wren, from Wild Birds Unlimited Bird of the Month; Tundra vs. Trumpeter Swans, by Cindy McCormack; The Great Backyard Bird Count; Membership Report, by Dave Plemons; Olympic Birdfest 2019; Christmas Bird Counts 2018, by Alan McCoy and Sandy Schreven.

January 2019: Program: Antlers and Antler Art presented by Nick Jeffries;  Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Opportunities: Waterfowl Survey and Sagebrush Songbird Survey by Lindell Haggin; Birding Puns contributed by Gary Lee; Golden-crowned Kinglet  by Lindell Haggin; The Great Backyard Birdcount; Winter Wings Festival and Snow Goose Festival.

December 2018: Program: Touring Chile presented by Mike McFadden; Holiday Gift Giving; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Make Your Own Suet by Avery Cullinan; Winter Wings Festival; Rough-legged Hawk  by Lisa Langelier; New Smithsonian Study Links Declines in Suburban Backyard Birds to Presence of Non-native Plants Submitted by Alan McCoy; Christmas Bird Count  by Alan McCoy.

November 2018: Program: Elegance and Wonder: The Trumpeter Swans of Turnbull NWR presented by Carlene Hardt; Holiday Gift Giving; Winterfest at Turnbull NWR; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Duck Stamps; Our Website is Changing by Alan McCoy; Merlin by Joyce Alonso; Balance of Avian Power in the Neighborhood by Joyce Alonso; Spokane Audubon Board Notes; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Snow Goose Festival.

October 2018: Program: Fire Ecology of Inland NW Forests presented by Art Zack; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Pygmy Owl Preference by Mary Jokela; Field Notes by Jon Isacoff; The Wings of a Turkey Vulture by Kim Thorburn; White-crowned Sparrow by Jan Reynolds; Lincoln’s Sparrow by Tom Bancroft; Celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week; Fall Activities at Turnbull NWR; Spokane Audubon T-shirts.

September 2018: Program: Toxics in the Spokane River by Lee First;  Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Toxic Talks and Tours; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff;  Hawk Fest 2018; Spokane Audubon Calendars; Robin Nests - Here, There, Everywhere; Best Birds of the Summer by Joyce Alonso; The Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse is Up-listed by Kim Thorburn; Bluebirds Back Home - Nesting 2018 by Alan McCoy; Upcoming Field Trips; Field Trip Leaders Needed.

June 2018: Program: Northern Saw-Whet Owl by Marlene Cashen; SAS Summer Retreat; Spokane Audubon T-shirts for Sale; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Results of the Big Day/Big Sit Contest - 2018; Website Helps Prevent Communications Tower Collisions by American Bird Conservancy (Spring 2018); Wanted Alive: Field Trip Leaders by Alan McCoy; Egg by Mary Jokela; Upcoming Field Trips

May 2018: Program: Birding and Travels in Ethiopia by Ron Force; Membership  Report by Dave Plemons; Birds Under Threat; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Wenas Audubon Campout; Mission: Equip Hutton Settlement Students to See Birds by Joyce Alonso; 2019 Spokane Audubon Calendar Photograph Contest Guidelines; Turnbull NWR/Cheney Mayfest; American Kestrel by Lisa Langelier; Upcoming Field Trips

April 2018: Program: Wild-eyed and Bushy Taled by Lisa Langelier; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Sagebrush Songbird Survey by Lindell Haggin; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Wenas Audubon Campout; Big Day/Big Sit April 21-28; 2019 Spokane Audubon Calendar Photograph Contest Guidelines; Turnbull NWR/Cheney Mayfest May 12, 2018; Reardan's Audubon Lake - A Rich Refuge for Birds by Catherine Henze; Slurping by Tom Bancroft; Sage Thrasher by Lindell Haggin; Upcoming Field Trips
March 2018: Program: Life and Times at the Outdoor Learning Center’s Raptor Sanctuary  by Carmen Yount; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Sagebrush Songbird Survey Training by Lindell Haggin; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Lewiston-Clarkston Valley Field Trip Report by Alan McCoy; Big Day/Big Sit Announcement; Say's Phoebe by Kim Thorburn; Spiva Butte Shrub-Steppe by Lindell Haggin; Upcoming Field Trips.
February 2018: Program: Self-directed, Self-Catered Western Kalahari Birding Tour with my Non-birder Husband as Guide With Kim Thorburn
January 2018: Program: Birding Cape May with Dr Jonathan Isacoff; 
December 2017: Program: A Comparison of 2 years of CBC Data 50 Years Apart, 1966 and 2016 with Gary Blevins; Holiday Gift Giving (at the December meeting); Snow Goose Festival January 2018; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Single Parenting and Black-chinned Hummingbirds by Lisa Langelier; SAS Programs 2017-2018; And It Rained Most of the Day by Gary Blevins; American Coot by Lindell Haggin; Upcoming Field Trips; Membership Report  by Dave Plemons.
November 2017: Program: Woodpeckers of the Little Pend Oreille with Mike Munts; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Holiday Gift Giving (at the December meeting); To Help Birds this Winter, Go Easy on Fall Yard Work by Andy McGlashen; Duck Stamps for Sale - contact Alan McCoy; SAS Programs; Snowy Owl and Coot in Downtown Spokane by Ed and Jan Reynolds; WOS Conference Report by Buck Domitrovich; Birding by Auduboners; Caqu's Covey-Flock by Kim Thorburn; Upcoming Field Trips; 2018 Field Trip Planning Meeting.

October 2017: Program: The Art of Taxidermy with Lanica Hodges; Membership Report by Dave Plemons; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Financial Report by Lindell Haggin; Celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week: October 14; Christmas Bird Count by Alan McCoy; 2018 Field Trip Planning Meeting; Project Feederwatch; Upcoming Field Trips

September 2017: Program: Birding Costa Rica with Buck Domitrovich; Visit with Raptors: 8th Annual Chelan Ridge Hawk Migration Festival; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Liberty Lake Field Trip by Joyce Alonso; Celebrate NWR Week: Community Work Day at Turnbull NWR; Vaux's Swifts by Lindell Haggin; Upcoming Field Trips

June 2017: Program: Musing about Little Owls with Kim Thorburn; Earth Week Competition Results; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff;  West Plains Migrant Field Trip Report by Alan McCoy; Floods, Flowers and Feathers Festival Report by Joyce Alonso

May 2017: Program: Birding Columbia with Kim Thorburn and Lindell Haggin; Rainbow-bearded Thornbill; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Words about Birds: International Migratory Bird Day;   The Pygmy Owl Goes Digital by Joyce Alonso; Upcoming Field Trips; 2018 SAS Calendar Photograph Contest Guidelines; On the Web by Alan McCoy
April 2017: Program: Urban Rewilding on the Spokane River with Greg Gordon and GU students plus Paul Lindholdt; Monarch Butterfly Mapper; Eight Tips for Tick Season by Meaghan Lee Callaghan; Great Backyard Bird Count report;   The Pygmy Owl Goes Digital by Joyce Alonso; Upcoming Field Trips; 2018 SAS Calendar Photograph Contest Guidelines; On the Web by Alan McCoy

March 2017: Program: Eggs Procured from the Indians with Jack Nisbet; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff;  Banana Belt Field Trip Report by Fran Haywood; Big Day/ Big Sit; SAS Field Trips 2017 by Alan McCoy; Texas Rio Grande Valley Trip Report by Ann Brinly; On the Web by Alan McCoy

February 2017: Program: Our Cuban Adventure with Ann Brinly; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff;  Public Lands under Attack by Lindell Haggin; Sagebrush Songbird Survey; A Coffee Label That Benefits Songbirds; Winter Birds in Spokane photos by Spokane Audubon members; Memorial to John English; Christmas Bird Count: Experiences Over the Years  by Joyce Alonso; On the Web by Alan McCoy

January 2017: Program: Spokane Pollinators: Their Habitat, Food, and Behavior with Jeanne Dammarell; SAS Field Trips for 2017 by Alan McCoy; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff;  Merlin Bird Photo ID; Sagebrush Songbird Survey; Grow Your Audubon by Tom Light; The Wild Eye a book review by Kim Thorburn; SAS’s Mounted Bird Collection by Joyce Alonso; Field Trips.

December 2016: Program: Celebrating Spokane Audubon’s CBC with Gary Blevins; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; How to Welcome Winter Birds by Ashley P. Taylor; Christmas Bird Count by Alan McCoy; Activities: Stand Up to Oil, and WinterFest at Turnbull NWR;  Field Trips.

November 2016: Program: Visiting the Galapagos with Nathan Paul; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Late August Birding: South Skookum Lake a field trip report by Alan McCoy; Holiday Gift Giving; SAS Calendar at Aunties; The Roots of Music: Exploring Earth’s Soundscapes with George Halekas; Field Trips.

October 2016: Program: Birding Mt Spokane with Ron Dexter and Cris Currie; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; Wildlife Areas, by Kim Thorburn; State Fears Extinction of Marbled Murrelets, by Maria M Ruth; Inland NW Land Conservancy Event, by Kim Reasoner;  Project Feederwatch; Seed: The Untold Story –Documentary; Field Trips.

September 2016: Program: Madagascar, the Eighth Continent; Shrub-steppe Song Bird Surveys; Field Notes, by Jon Isacoff; ACOW 2016Putting a Price on Carbon - Why Audubon WA Supports I-732, By Gail Gatton; Community Work Day at Turnbull NWR; Field Trips.

         June 2016: It's Time to Stand Up for Public Lands, by Kim Thorburn; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Trip, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Of Feathers and Fur: Drawing with Ava, Mentoring as a Way to Nurture Appreciation for Nature and for Each Other, by Carmen Yount; Field Trip Report: Peone Prairie Trip, by Bea Harrison; Field Trips.
  • May 2016: Program: Twenty Days in Sabah, featuring Spokane Audubon's Ann Brinly; Fifth Annual Flowers, Floods & Feathers Festival (in association with Cheney's MayFest) at Turnbull NWR; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2017 Spokane Audubon Calendar Photo Contest Announcement; Field Trip Report: Beginning Birders Walk at Turnbull NWR, by Fran Haywood; May & June Field Trips. 
  • April 2016: Program: The Once and Future River: An Ecological Vision for the Spokane River, featuring the Gonzaga University Environmental Studies Senior Class; Scholarship Opportunity: The Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2017 Spokane Audubon Calendar Contest Rules; Field Trip Report: Bluebird Trip, by Marian Frobe; Lewis's Woodpecker Boxes, by Kim Thorburn; April & May Field Trips.
  • March 2016Program: Forestry is for the Birds (and Other Critters too), with Wildlife Biologist Michael Munts; Help Wanted: Newsletter EditorSights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Special Event: "Think & Drink"Crossing Paths with Washington’s Wildlife: Get Nest Boxes Ready For New Occupants; SAS 2017 Rio Grande Trip Announcement; Field Trip Report: Winter Visitors Trip, by Fran Haywood; Announcements and Field Trips.
  • February 2016: Program: Kayaks to Airplanes and Dip Nets to Whoosh Nets, Bea and Jim Harrison's Adventures in Citizen Science; Announcements; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; SAS Response to Occupation of Malheur NWRSpeak Out for Public Lands, by Kim Thorburn; 2015 Christmas Bird Count Recap, by Alan McCoy; Winter Lake and Wet Belt Field Trip Report, by Fran Haywood; Great Backyard Bird Count Announcement.
  • January 2016: Program: Riverside State Park: Spokane's Backyard Jewel, featuring Kim Thorburn; Announcements; 2016 Field Trips.
  • December 2015: Program: Preparing for the 2015 Christmas Bird Count, featuring Gary Blevins; Christmas Bird Count Announcement, by Alan McCoy; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Water is Key to Complete Wildlife Habitat, by Washington Fish & Wildlife; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Field Trip, by Norma Trefry; Habitat: If you build it, they will come... and not just the birds!, by Alan McCoy; The Value of Day-to-Day Sightings in eBird, by Carmen Yount; WDFW Wants Reports of Moose Sightings!; Warming Strategies of the Pygmy Nuthatch.
  • November 2015: Program: Fascinating Stories of Natural History and the People that Live Along Side Them, featuring Hazen Audel; Spokane Audubon Holiday Gift Shop; Calendar Reading; Audubon Bird Guide App is FREE!; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Tutorial: Using eBird to Find Out Where the Birds are Now, by Carmen Yount; Audubon Calendar Announcement; November & December Field Trips.
  • October 2015: Program: Climate Change: Controversy/Consensus, Denialism/Despair, Birds/Backyards, and the Contributions of Citizen Science, with Kittitas Audubon Society’s Barry Brunson, Jim Briggs and Judy Hallisey; Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; The Greater Sage Grouse Decision, by Kim Thorburn; 2016 Spokane Audubon Calendar announcement, featuring photos by Bea Harrison and Marlene Cashen; Hog Island Audubon Camp, by Mary Jokela; Upcoming Field Trips and Events.
    • September 2015: Program: Birds (and Beasts) of the Kalahari, with Ron Force; Spokane Audubon Field Trips, September & October; Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Loss of Forest Snags in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest; 2016 Spokane Audubon Calendar; Citizen Science Project: Report Moose Sightings with Smartphones; Upcoming events.
    • June 2015: Floods, Flowers & Feathers 2015: A Bird's-eye View of Turnbull NWR's Spring Festival; We Can't Drive There: Northeast Washington Wolf Issues - Range Riding, by Mary Jokela; After the Spark: Trashbird Miracles, by Kenn Kaufman (from Bird Watcher's Digest, reprinted with permission); Sagebrush Songbird Survey 2015; Field Trips, June - December
    • May 2015: Program: Washington Loons, with Ginger & Daniel Poleschook; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; First Visit of the Spring, by Ron & Pat Dexter; 2016 Spokane Audubon Photo Contest; 2015 Turnbull NWR Spring Festival; Field Trip Report: Bluebird Trip, by Marian Frobe; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Trip, by Fran Haywood; Field Trips for May and June.
    • April 2015: Program: Kate Davis, of Raptors of the Rockies; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2016 Spokane Audubon Calendar Photo Contest; Lincoln Cell Tower, by Mary Jokela; Bee Aware, by Mary Jokela; Field Trips for April and May.
      • March 2015: Program: Owls of the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge, with Michael Munts; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Field Trip Report: Winter Lake and Wetbelt Trip, by Joyce Alonso; Citizen Science Initiative: Hummingbirds at Home; Deep Creek Preserve Public Tour; Field Trip Report: Snowy Owl Trip, by Fran Haywood; Project SNOWstorm; Columbia Plateau Songbird Survey, Spokane Training; March, April & early May Field Trips.
      • February 2015: Program: MAPS: A Program to Monitor Avian Productivity and Survivorship, with Lindell Haggin; The 2015 Great Backyard Bird Count; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Mt. Spokane Ski Area Expansion Challenged, by Greg Gordon and Mike Petersen; Treasurer's Report, by Lindell Haggin; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; Field Trip Report: What Field Trip could you take and see a Golden Eagle, Great Egrets and Eastern Blue Jays?, by Gary Blevins; The Little Blue Heron and Migratory Vagrancy, by Kim Thorburn; February and March Field Trips. 
      • January 2015: Field Trip Edition! Program: How to Get the Perfect Shot: A Bird Photographer's Secrets, featuring wildlife photographer Ron Smith; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2015 Field Trips.
      • December 2014 Program: Preparing for the Christmas Bird Count, with Gary Blevins; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Birding Trip, by Norma Trefry; The Joys of Bird Banding at Turnbull NWR, by Joyce Alonso; The Audubon Report: Birds & Climate Change, National Audubon Society & Audubon Washington; Bye-bye Birdie, by Jan Strobeck.
      • November 2014 Program: Exploring South America, "the Bird Continent," with Pacific Biodiversity Institute's Lucila Castro and Peter Morrison; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Fall Birding from my Porch, by Alan McCoy; Book Review: "Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography," by Marlene Cashen.
      • October 2014 Program: Palouse - Rock Lake Conservation District Riparian Restoration, featuring District Manager Dan Harwood; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Pelagic Birding, by Kim Thorburn; Addressing Concerns about Forage Fish: Pacific Fishery Management Council Meeting Report, by Mary Jokela; Bird & Bike Trip: Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, by Alan McCoy.
      • September 2014 Program: Washington's Not-so-common Loon, with Ginger Gumm; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Cornell Lab of Ornithology's YardMap; Little Pend Oreille Campout Report, by Fran Haywood; Field Trips and Events.
      • May 2014 Program: Electronic Tools for Birding, with SAS Webmaster Alan McCoy; International Migratory Bird Day 2014, by Kim Thorburn; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Remembering Bob Griffith, by Jan Reynolds; 2015 Calendar Photography Contest Guidelines; May Events at Turnbull NWR; SAS Field Trips.
      • April 2014 Program: Gonzaga University Environmental Studies Student Presentations; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; Western Screech Owl Encounter, by Ron Dexter; 2015 Calendar Contest Announcement; March Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; CdA Audubon Program; Celebrate Earth Day with PBS and A Fierce Green Fire; April and May Events. 

      • March 2014 Program: 23 Years of Bird Monitoring at Turnbull NWR, with Wildlife Biologist Mike Rule; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; Songbird and Barn Owl Field Work Opportunities; Spotlight on Education, by Kim Thorburn and Joyce Alonso; Friends of Turnbull Annual Fundraiser and Dinner Auction Announcement; Field Trips and Events.
      • February 2014 Program: Of Wolves and Warblers: The Cascading Impacts of Yellowstone's Wolf Restoration, with Greg Gordon; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; Prairie Grouse Get Generous Christmas Present, by Lindell Haggin; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds;Unsung Heroes; 2014 Great Backyard Bird Count; SAS Field Trips and Events.
      • January 2014 Program: Hot Spot: Point Reyes, California, with Kim Thorburn; 2014 Field Trips; Field Trip Report: Douglas Plateau Northern Visitors Trip, by Kim Thorburn.
      • December 2013 Program: Preparing for the Christmas Bird Count, with Gary Blevins; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; These Ornaments are for the Birds!; Holiday Gift Guide for Bird Enthusiasts; December Field Trips and Events; Build a Chickadee Roost Box.
      • November 2013 Program: Hanford and the Columbia River, with Columbia Riverkeeper Hanford Coordinator Theresa Labriola; Letter from Fran Haywood;Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Common Birds of the Spokane Region and Where to Find Them, compiled by Jim Acton & Fran Haywood; Events for November and December.
      • October 2013 Program: Preserving Old Growth Habitat on Mt. Spokane, with Lands Council Executive Director Mike Petersen; Letter from the Editor; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Introducing Washington's Newest Important Bird Area: Lake Creek IBA, by Kim Thorburn; The Lands Council Wins Lawsuit to Protect Old Growth Forest in Mt. Spokane State Park; Events for October and November.
      • September 2013 Program: Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden, with Master Gardener Eva Lusk; Letter from the Editor; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; 2013 Loon Banding Report, by Chris Loggers; Great Gray Owl Update, by Mike Munts; 2014 Calendars are Here!; Events for September and October. 
      • June 2013 Turnbull Spring Festival Recap, by Joyce Alonso; Letter from the Editor; A Tale of Two Cities (in one week): Birding New York City and Spokane, by Carmen Yount; Upcoming Field Trips; Using a Bird ID Scavenger Hunt to Teach Kids (and Adults) about Birds, by Carmen Yount. 
      • May 2013 Program: Connecting Kids to Nature, with Environmental Educator Jami Ostby Marsh; President's Message from Kim, 2014 Calendar Contest Submission Guidelines, Winter Visitors Field Trip Report, by Joyce Alonso; Field Trips and Events for May and June; 2nd Annual Turnbull NWR Spring Festival.
      • April 2013 Program: For the Love of Ants: Diversity in Superorganism, with Laurel Hansen; Letter from the Editor; Field Trip Reports: Bluebird Field Trip, by Marian Frobe, and Beginning Bird Walk at Turnbull, by Fran Haywood; 2014 Calendar Contest Guidelines Announced; SAS Field Trips for April and May; Volunteer Opportunities, by Joyce Alonso.
        • March 2013 Program: Great Gray Owls, with Michael Munts; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Spokane Audubon 2012 Christmas Bird Count Summary, by Alan McCoy; March/April Events.
          • February 2013 Program: I Hunt, therefore I Am (what?), with Rich Landers; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Snowy Owl Pellet, by Ron Dexter; Field Trip Report: Banana Belt Trip, by Cindy McCormack; Great Backyard Bird Count; February/March Events.
          • January 2013 Field Trip Edition; Program: Birding in Peru, with Lindell Haggin and Joyce Alonso; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack, 2013 Field Trips.
          • December 2012 Program: What does CBC Data tell us about how climate change is affecting bird populations?, featuring Gary Blevins; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; 2013 Calendar Photo Preview;Conservation Action: Save the Glenrose-Dishman Hills Connection to the Dream Trail; December Field Trip.
          • November 2012 Program: Reproductive Ecology of the White-headed Woodpecker in Washington’s Ponderosa Pine Forests, with Jeff Kozma; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Unsung Heroes: Marlene & Bob Cashen, by Fran Haywood; Calendar Photo Preview;Audubon National President Marks Completion of Washington Birding Trail; Field Trips.
          • October 2012 Program: Bird-related Research and Monitoring at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, with Mike Rule; President's Message from Kim; Fire on the Shrub-Steppe; Calendar Photo Preview and event announcement; Upcoming events.
          • September 2012 Program: Ecology, Species Interactions, and Conservation of the Shrub-steppe, with Mike Livingston; President's Message from Kim; Call for Board Elections; 2013 Calendar Announcement; Summer Campout Report, by Joyce Alonso; Unsung Hero, by Fran Haywood; Diary of a Bird Nerd: Volunteering at the OLC, by Carmen Yount; Rufous Hummingbird Report, from Howard Ferguson; Field Trips for September and October.
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